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Re: My next week
Aug 19, 2006
I would be glad to tell you about Lofexidine, however for better advice it would be best to speak to your keyworker or GP as it can have side effects and this is why you need a nurse to visit you each day.

Firstly, (i posted this on another thread but it doesnt harm explaining more), its best to explain what the symptoms of a withdrawal are:

until a couple of weeks ago i believed what i now know to be an urban myth, that when you take opiates your body slowly reduces its output of natural endorphins which in turn when you stop taking opiates leads to symptoms of withdrawal, this is actually only a very small part of what a withdrawal is.

What actually happens (the major cause of withdrawal) is your body produces a chemical/hormone called Noradrenalin, and when you take opiates over a long time your body loses its ability to absorb it efficiantly, this causes the glands that produce noradrenalin to work overtime so that your body could absorb the same amount as before, (leaving masses of the stuff sloshing around inside you).

When you stop taking opiates your body immediatly begins to absorb ALL the noradrenalin in your body including all the excess that has been produced and it takes some time for your body to realise that it doesnt need to produce as much as before, this leads to pains, cramps sweats chills etc everything we all know and love as a rattle. After 3-5 days everything begins to settle down and into normal working order.

This is where Lofexedine (also known as Britlofex or Lofexedine Hydrochloride) comes in.

Lofexidine works on the glands that produces Noradrenalin rather than the absorbtion rate, this means that it stops your body producing it for a couple of days (if it worked on the absorbtion as soon as you stopped taking it you would be right back where you started)

It also depends on HOW you take it, depending on the length of the detox for example:

if you were to do a 10 day detox you would have to take more tablets when you were producing the most Noradrenalin. so on the first day you would take 4 tablets spread throughout the day increasing each day until day 5 when you would take around 10 - 12 then you would start to reduce each day until nothing.

This is the detox i have done and although it has worked fantastically for me because of the side effects (it can lower your blood pressure dramatically) it is not for every one, however i would say to people speak to your GP or keyworker about it.

I hope that i havnt broke any rules by posting this and i hope it has been help to people.


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