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Yes, I guess I have to agree with you Kfld. Now that I think about it, people do need time to adjust to life without opiates. For most people, ot has been years since they have gone a few days without, never mind a month or two. As an addict, I would use any excuse to take. Like if I had to go to work, or go on a trip, or go grocery shopping, or have sex, or just getting out of be for that matter. You know it's bad when you have to leave pills by the bed so when you wake up in the middle of the night because the meds have worn off, you have another dose waiting for you. Hopefully your son didn't use for too long, and I have to agree with DreamLife that your son did not relapse, that he had an urge probably due to a missed dose of Suboxone, and then went out and used again. I would have to say from past experience that even if he did this, he more than likely didn't feel anything from it. I think within a 24 hour period, the Suboxone is still in your system and blocks all effects of opiates. The day before I went to get treatment, I had 2mg of Sub that my friend gave me, and I took it same that day. The doc called me the next day and had to cancel my appointment until the next day due to an emergency he had. I was already feeling wd's a little, and had no choice but to go out and get some OC. I got two 80mg and figured that would last me the day. Needless to say I did them both within an hour and didn't feel anything! The Sub must have blocked it. So, if your sone did use while taking sub, I could say from experience it was a waste of money (or pill if he is prescribed them).

I would also agree with both of you and encourage being a witness to at least 1 dose per day for entire length of treatment. I guess if you have to take it for as long as possible, you are in a doctors care, and they will be able to taper you off them without too much wd's. Just tell him to keep up the good work and be thankful that he is honest to you. If did relapse, I fear he would not tell you anything and just keep you in the dark which is a :nono: . You have to be in on his life everyday. How was work/school, or how was your day. You can tell if a person is messed up. Look into their eyes. If his pupils I tiny, then he is using. Plus he probably won't be able to look you in the eyes and lie to you. He will have too much guilt hopefully IMO.

P.S. Tell him you love him and to keep up the good work!! We are all rooting for him:bouncing:

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