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Hey Carla...welcome! ;) I will tell from first hand experience, ultram/tramadol is VERY addictive. There are instances where people do not get addicted to it but mostly because they do not feel its effects in the first place (just like some who take oxys and don't even feel that). Since tram stops your WDs then you're looking to substitute one drug for another and from experience and from the hundred or so posts I're read about this, ultram/tram is far worse than vicodin/lorcet/darvocet and some would say even percs because it affects serotonin/norephedrine (sp?) in the behaves almost like an SSRI so once stopped, not only do you have to deal with the physical opiate WDs but the serotonin/anti-depressant effects as well.

I was taking over 20 trams (1000mg) each day for weeks and 5-15/day for 6 months or so. Taper did not work for me at first but after I've experienced the deeeeeeeeeep depression as a side effect of good ol 'non-addictive' tram, I tapered from 20 down by 1 each day until I had nothing. Withdrawals were mild during those days and once I hit 1-2 pills, they were less and less. That was a week ago. All physical WDs are gone minus the anxiety at night when it's hard to sleep/racing mind. My advice to you, do some research on these boards and elsewhere on how tram/ultram works and decide for yourself as hearing doctors talk about this miracle drug might put you in a trap from which I barely escaped. Taper worked for me, it's worth a try but substituting lorcets for something horrible like tram is a no-no.

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