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Hi Drake,

I can't answer any of your questions as an expert, only as a person who had read many posts here and someone who abused hydros for about four years.

Long term effects of hydros - well, all I know, is that if you get off of them, you are better than being on them. Hydros (especially with alcohol) can hurt your liver, but I would think you'd feel the effect already. I don't know about the urine smell, that could be from several things. Some can be related to other health issues like diabetes, but as far as hydro/alcohol abuse goes, my thought would be that you need more water, fruit, vitamins, in your system. Your urine excretes what it doesn't need, but also will give you signs of what you are missing. So that is a question for the experts. Just keep in mind, your urine should be relatively clear and not smell. I take B vitamins, so my urine, for the first half of the day, is yellow but has no odor.

Weight gain - I haven't heard or experienced weight gain from hydros perse, however, hydro abuse can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and stress, both which can cause weight gain. Alcohol will make you gain weight, no argument there, even if you eat nothing and just drink.

To lessen the withdrawals - read the Thomas detox at the top of the board. It seems overwhelming, but the Big 50 B vitamins, exercise, water, and no alcohol, will help you for sure. It depends on what help you need. Some need help with sleeping and swear by melatonin or benedryl. See what works for you, but with alcohol, I would be cautious with the benedryl.

Drug Tests - There's a post here by lorcetmike (he's an MD) that speaks to how long hydros stays in your system. They have a short half-life, so a few days according to the schedule should do it, but look it up please.

Drake, good luck in getting clean. These board are a god-send. They cannot totally replace help from a face-to-face group like NA, but they are better (much better) than going it alone.


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