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[QUOTE=lakota22]hello there
my husband has been on methadone for almost a year now- MMT program 120mg day.he is considering going through a rapid detox program to get off the methadone. he was told he can be tapered down 1mg per week at the clinic but this means he will be there 120 more weeks :dizzy: and that's if that could even be accomplished:confused: . he gets sick and sick fast without his methadone and it is not pretty to watch. this all started 5 years ago with a back injury and with his 1st script fo vicodin es and the comment from the doctor" don't take to many of these or you may become addidcted".famous last words eh? so i wonder if anyone has heard about rapid detox? they sedate you 4 a few hours and when u wake you're supposdly in the last 48 hours of physical withdrawals from methadone.instead of going through the physical pain and sickness for a month or so they shorten that up for u for a price tag of 5,900.00. thanks anyone and everyone out there. this has been the trip of a lifetime and i want my husband to get his life back and us get our life back. it's a struggle but we'll keep workin' on it! :wave:[/QUOTE]

If i was you ,i would sue that doctors *** off for giving him methadone in the first place,he could have given him dyhidracodine instead,short name dfs)they help just as much,but normally methadone is given when you are coming off hard drugs which i know vicodin is,but the doctor had the power to give him anything and he gave him something that is way harder to come off,dfs are for back pain,my brother has back pain all the time and thats what he gets,and 120 a day?oh my god what he he done?that doc was not giving a ****,im sorry if this sounds harsh but he should have known better than to give some-one that much meth,ive been on it for 12 years now and never in all those years have i had 120 ml (never)and believe me i was in a bad way with heroin,and even i know 120 is way too much for a body to cope with,meth is not always the answer,a boy here had got meth for a drink problem which i know that your supposed to get libriam for,and that doctor here should never have gave him that either,that boy died ,thats why i think doctors should not give it out to ppl who dont need to have it,instead of looking up the right pain killers to give ppl they just pap them off with anythinmg and ppl will just take it as the (doc)gave them it so its ok,well no its not ok,,i watched a programme where these 3 ppl who were on meth,see the keyword there,(were)right they went into this house and it was watched by the nation,they had been given this stuff i dont remember the name of it,but 3 days later they were like whole new was amazing,and i so want to have it done,cos im sick of not be able to lead a normal life too,i cant hold down jobs cos im always dropping off at times when im not supposed to,lol,,i had a cleaning job and i was just standing there with the mop in my hands and my head on the pole falling alseep all the time,and some-one saw me and she asked me if i was on drugs,and itold no,quite angrily actually.i was annoyed at her,but it was then that i decided to give it up incase i did something to hurt myself or another person,cos i never told them i was on meth ,so i would have got done for that,if i hurt anyone during it,anyway tell your husband to look up the net and find out what this stuff is called i dont know how much it costs,them ppl got it done free just cos the tv ppl wanted to film it,they were in such a state tho for them two days and on the 3rd day wow,one of the girls just woke up that 3rd day and said oh my god i want to go home and start being a mother now i feel like i have never even had a drug problem,and her family were so happy when she said what drug problem,lol,,that means it really worked for her and i hope she stays off them,i will look it up myself too cos im desperate to get off this meth,and img a week is total rubbish they should be getting him off it quicker,im only on 40 ml now and im looking forward to the last drop ,but i believe the doctor is at fault here for giving it to your hubby,im quite weak when it coms to pain so i know what its like to cluck and i dont like it thats why its taken me this long to get off it which im still not lol,,,subutex is what the docs here give you once your down to 30mls so im nearly there,you put it in your mouth and let disolve,and it works straight away,so ive heard,ask him to ask the doctor about subutex.right ive been talking too much havent i,so i better stop now ,but plz ask him to do that,it will help but it will be a struggle,but in the long term it will be worth it,honest,i know ppl who take it and they all have jobs and go on holidays without having to say no i cant im commited to the pharmacy,so i cant go nowhere,thats what its like for me and i am fed up with now,so take care and tell your hubby what i said ,ok you take care of yourself too,cos he needs you no matter what he might say in times of pain,i know that too cos ive said some harsh stuff to my family ,like go to ,,,, and leave me alone.i dont need you and your no good to me,but i dont mean them and never have done ,ok was that any help..i hope so...see ya babs

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