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Hi - I know just what you are going through as I just completed a taper off 1mg Ativan that I took for 18 mos. It took me 17 mos to get off completely. I finished my taper 7 weeks ago.

This is what I did. When I got down toward the end. I dissolved a .5mg tablet in 20ml of water (you can purchase a baby dosing syringe) from this I began withdrawing 1 ml at a time, waiting about 10 days between each reduction since I was having w/d symptoms. I''d wait until they settled down a bit before each reduction. They tend to add up over a short period of time. I stopped when I got down to the last 2-3 ml. I figured at that time I was only taking 0.06mg. This is a water taper similar to the Ashton Method but I didn't cross over to Valium. Originally I divided my 1mg dose into 4 0.25mg doses. I started by first tapering the morning dose. Next time the noon and so on. Eventually I got so I would forget my afternoon dose and then eliminated it all together. I did feel it however. At a total of 0.25mg now I wouldn't just stop altogether. That is equivalent 2.5mg of Valium.
I think some people stop Valium at .5mg. which is 0.05 Ativan.

I have been off the Ativan for 7 weeks and I am feeling so much better but I am having some irritating eye symptoms. My eyes feel numb and stiff and I am getting some intermittent dizziness. BUT, I was given the Ativan due to an inner ear infection and the anxiety that it casued. It did it's job quite well and I felt great on it until one day I noticed I was getting depressed, had major brain fog, memory problems and I felt apathetic. Also notice if I missed a dose I would feel dizzy and have nausea. All during my taper I had various symptoms that would come and go. I experienced restless insomnia, a bloated belly, GERD and quite a bit of muscle soreness, especially in my neck. Most of that is gone now.

Good luck in your remaining taper. Sounds like you are doing quite well.


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