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Hello again, You are so close to being off this. I think the rest will be reatively easy and painless.

If you dissolve a .5mg tablet in 20ml water (baby dosing syringe from pharmacy) then ea ml equals 0.025mg Ativan. So 5ml would equal your dose of .l25mg. If you take this in the AM and again in PM you are taking 0.25mg each day. I would store the mixture in a small glass and then draw off 5ml at a time. 20ml would last you 2 days. When I felt A-OK with this dose I would then eliminate 1ml off the am dose, stabilize and then reduce 1ml off the evening dose and so on. I finally got rid of the AM dose but kept taking the PM dose. I think it was a security blanket. It got so that a .5mg tablet was lasting 10 days and then 15 days so I figured what all I was getting was a mere droplet of water....I just stopped. If you are doing OK on this small dose I am sure the remaing reductions will be a breeze for you.

Please know that I still have some residual eye symptoms and I've been off completely for 7 weeks now and last night I had a racing heart all night but that could be other issues in my life as well. At some point you just have to put these funny feelings aside and go about you business. We all feel weird from time to time. Food and weather can really set me off with headaches, aches and pains, tiredness, etc. I can't blame everything on drug withdrawal.

I hope this clears up any questions you had about how I accomplished this. It's the same as the Ashton Method only using Ativan instead of Valium. Valium has a longer half life so you can eliminate interdose withdrawal symptoms but you need to find a Dr. that is willing to prescribe this for you. It probably works best for people on really large doses of short acting benzos, like Ativan.

Let us know how things are gong for you. Keep up the good work in college.

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