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GOD SPEED, my Friend!! You sure have my support, too!! Just please, BE SAFE just in case. PLEASE? B-Vits 100mg (at least), POWERADE (has potassium, sodium and ELECTROLYTES!), I'm really cautious about CT, it can be dangerous for some people!! I just like error on the side of CAUTION, Gang!! With love in my heart all the way!!

I must be the ONLY COWARD here because I would be in a detox unit with a whole boat load of nurses and Drs. RIGHT THERE WUFF ME--like white on rice!!

Hey, I ain't no hero...I'm scared to death of drugs!! And, totally P!SSED that I have to take THEM NOW after 15yrs of sobriety from the booze!! But, I cannot take the pain of the collapsed verterbrae stomping on all of my sciatic nerves from my low back all the way down to my feet--and, back up again!!

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