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Hello to all and thanks for reading my thread. At 730 tonight it will be 3 days I have been clean. I have been taking Ultram and the withdrawals are sickening, especially at night. As with a lot of folks, I started taking them legit for Degenerative Disc Disease but there is some flawed wiring in my brain that liked them too much and led to my abuse of them. I have been on them only a short time compared to some others I have read about on here...9 months give or take a week or two. Anyone else here notice night time and sleeping to be especially excrutiating with the ultram detox? The day time I can deal with but that may be because I have managed to elicit some off time from the boss but the nights are something out of a horror movie. Usually, there is a remedy for something that is making you feel bad, you take it and move on. I think the sickest feeling to me when I am laying there is that for this, there is no help. This is something that I have to endure so I wont make the mistake of using again.

This is my deal. I quit cold turkey. I am using somas to manage the jittery feelings during the day and taking St. Johns Wort for my mood and it actually seems to be working. After every meal I am taking some pepto cuz if I dont my stomach just gets all f--- up. At night, being that I dont want to resort to something else addictive, I am using melatonin, the somas, unisom and nyquil. If anyone has any advice I am open to it.

I have to mention the night time thing again. Its aweful. Hot flushes thru my body that lead to me to start like involuntarily kicking my legs or shaking my hands and just having to walk around the house, lay back down and try it all over again. Its like something evil is sitting there, waiting for me to relax and almost get to sleep and then I feel like its electrocuting me for a split second and then I am awake again. Tired as hell, wanting to sleep like mad but then as I begin to drift off to sleep, it happens again, and again , and again. I quit on Friday night so I slept ok that night. saturday night was when hell began. It was the worst night of my life. Sunday night wasnt as bad but still pretty f--- up. I have gotten about 4 hours of honest to God sleep in the past 72 hours..........Help!:eek:

Ok, thats my intro. I am a mess and could use some advice from anyone that is getting away from the Ultram. I have heard that its a little worse than vic's and stuff in the withdrawal department. Runs havent really been an issue so maybe I have some good fortune yet........Thanks to all who reply and God bless. I need to succeed and am asking for help.......

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