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MINERAL- today our daughter was in the living room playing and i was on the computer-she came around the corner with a nasal spray bottle. lid off and close to her nose. breaking my heart- I got it very quickly and looked inside the bottle- brown liquid but barely any there. my daughter is 2 1/2 and can't reach high. which means that it had to be low and current because I clean my house very frequently... so- I know his answer when appraoched with it will be that it is old. Do I believe that? I don't think I can. Because that would be the 3rd bottle found since he has been "CLEAN"-same reponse the other 2 times. I know that he is a sick person but he won't admit anything to me-even after being caught in the act 3 times over a 2 year period... I am willing to help and support him but don't you think he should be honest with me? Or is it tough love that will get his attention? I don't know what it's like to be an addict of heroin- not that one sunstance is different then the other-but the drug itself. Why can't he be honest, why all the deceit and need to be alone? So he can use????? Help me- What is something that would get his attention? I do care for him very much and am willing to help but I have to be told the truth... Thank you for your time......

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