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Thanks for your words of wisdom it's amazing how much it helps to know other people are out there....I dont know wht to do it's one step I say no I take the suboxone I tell my mom to hide the pills and help me not hard right? Just do it right? Get my life back right? It's one step right? So why does my feet suddenly feel like their stuck to the ground...God why is this so hard? Is it worth it? Nick2K, Guitar Lover, flintrock, thiswasyourlife thank you so much for your words...tomorrow is "D" day time for a decision......god I want to live again...I want to feel again......You guys dont know how much your words mean to me....thanks and I wish you guys the best...I'm a counselour so I'm not use to being the one who needs the help I'm used to giving the help....So you thank you so mucu

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