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I'm in the exact same situation you are regarding neck / upper back pain.
I have cervical disk issues at 2 levels and have been taking either vicoprofen or Norco for a few years. Like you, I just stopped taking them altogether about 5 days ago to get a "true" feeling for where my pain is at. It's not pleasant but I've decided to get a discogram and finally get to the root of the problem.
As far as taking the pills, I'm VERY worried about becoming addicted. I do like the way they make me feel on top of the relief and that, plus concern over liver health makes me want to stop.
I guess it's a fine line between managing pain and possible addiction. I also did not enjoy the 2 or 3 days or so of feeling like I had the flu when I stopped the medication. I recently started looking at this board to see if there were any paralels between some of my behavior and others. It just seems strange that doctors dole these pills out so freely, often with no ongoing communication or follow ups.

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