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Ambien is very addicting. i can feel the addiction big time with it. i thought it would help with w/D but of course i fooled myself with that.
im gonna get thru this but tonight i went to a friends and got 6 xanax and 1 valium from her. she also had pain pills that i could of got but i didnt even ask her for any (that was hard). i took the xanax and Valuim and i felt so good.i was also taking Lexapro for over a month and tonight will be my forth night without taking it. dont care for it because it makes my mind all foggy. cant think right and my memory is shot. but then again it could be from the benzos. not sure anymore.
thanks for the replys... they really do help.

Kim is right. i did another post about my addicting to pain pills.
i might just have to go to detox because this is to much for me. Anxiety is off the roof. cant take it.
i was on all this before ,a while ago and did the detox at the hospital. i hear alot of you say you were better in about 3 weeks. i think (not sure) it took me about that time. i cant remember.
im thinking about writing my thoughts down on paper. about how sick i feel and i can look back (when im better) and remind myself of what hell it was and never go back to this again. its exhausting and its bringing me so down.

thanks!! you guys are really great on here when it comes to the support. :)

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