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When I stopped I usually took about 5/day my w/ds werent that bad but werent great either. I guess I had the usual restless legs, trouble sleeping for a little while and the bathroom situation. I was still able to function and do things though. The leg thing started much later like 2wks later though. Some chills and sweats but not too bad. Its better to stop now while your still somewhat ahead of the game. For a year I took about 2-3/day then about 5/day I know to some doesnt seem like alot but when your RX is for 2/day I guess that is abusing them because not taking them as prescribed. I wish you luck and stay strong with the process too. PS its not stopping that is hard its staying stopped that is the hardest part. Beware of the cravings that lie ahead for me is was about 5wks later but they will hit hard and fast. Best wishes Kim

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