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I don't know what to do anymore! I have tried to get off of opiates for over 20 years now. I have even gone through many treatment programs, in which my last one was a rapid detox. I have been on everything from 8 years of meth-adone to just about all the opiates they produce. I am currently taking loratab 10 mg ( 5 pills @ 4times a day=200 mg hydrocodone/tyneol 10,000mg)
Soma 350 (4 pills @4 times a day=1,400mg corispadol)
My stomach is in bad condition, I have tried to detox but I feel I am to far gone. I really think that the rapid detox messed my stomach up for good. I have been to doctors and they dont have any answers for my painful symptoms in my stomach,legs and feet. I am about to kill myself. I really think something went wrong with the rapid detox program. I need someone that has knowledge about rapid detox. My life is on the line here and I dont think I am going to live, if I dont get some help. I have been to many doctors and they havent been able to help me. I have detox myself many times, but painful symptoms in my stomach,legs and feet has not gone away. (for periods of over 3-4 months) It is overwhelming to the point where I have to return to opiates to kill the pain. I am hopeless. My body is worn down and I cant take it anymore. I need someone that has some anwsers. This is a complex matter and I need someone that has the experience to give me some answers because my life is at steak. I ask you for help in this matter! I am 41 years old and dont feel like I'm gonna make it to 42.

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