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Hi Sweeties ,

Thanks so much for the replies ! :) Now , I do need to be honest and frank if I am able to recover from this so here goes . I did get the refill but I sent my Father after them and they are at his place . NOT at my residence . As I mentioned in my post , He is very stern about meds as he was once addicted to valium himself . Damned near killed him so he knows the deal . He is not about to give me any unless I am in really bad shape . And He knows that I want off the damned things as well . The ONLY reason I refilled them is this . I do need help from time to time beyond what Neurontin can offer . I am a single woman with everything to do housewise . Inside and out . Even having to tend to the lawn is a major task for me that can set me in bed for days . Now I know it seems like a cop-out or an excuse , but it's not , honestly ! Trust me when I tell Ya'll that down here in New Orleans you cannot get any kind of lawn care or basically any lifting help as most people have left the city. Thanks to Katrina !!!!!!! :mad: And those that have stayed are so inundated with work that they cannot take on anymore work . Even if they could , they price gouge royally
!!!!! :mad:

r1961 ,

I do feel better today than I did yesterday . My mental clarity is much better and I'm feeling stronger . I would really liked to have gotton them myself and copped a nice buzz , but I did resist . Hence sending my Dad after them . Hells Bells , I could have gotton them myself , ya know ? But , I do know that if I did , that vicious cycle would begin yet again . Nope , not for this chick , not anymore . It feels too good to be able to think clearly . I have to laugh a tad though as I think ( HA-HA ) that I'm though the clouds. I know I'm not there yet . That would be preposterous to think otherwise and foolish to believe that I've already kicked this .

Day 20 , huh ? KUDOS to Ya Dude !!!!! :cool: I'll bet you feel like a new man indeed . As you have stated so frankly , the difference between addiction and dependency are clearly remarkable . I told my Dr. this and He still thought that there is a major difference . Me thinks otherwise as well as you do . One cannot go taking the amount that I did and not be addicted . It's just not feasible ( sp ? ) to think otherwise , Ya know ? I want to thank you for your reply and want to also wish you well on your recovery . Please take good care of yourself and stay on track as well . Keep me posted on how you are doing and I'll do the same , ok Sweetie ?

Hugs ,


Boiler Bob ,

HIYA !!! :wave: Thank you for the welcome Sweetie . It sure is nice to see that people really do care and that I've found a place to come and talk about my/our probs w/o being judged . :D This is now day 6 and as you've read my post to r1961 , I'm feeling better . I actually am enjoying reading again . Now that I've some kind of clarity . It's going to be a while before I can learn to not give the pills any " free rent in my brain " . This I know to be a fact . One VERY important thing that's been on my mind that all of us should take into consideration here , R1961 too . God forbid that we are in a horrific accident of some sort and really need pain relief ??? We'd be royally screwed , wouldn't we all ? Just some food for thought there . And having been in the Medical field for quite some time now , you'd think I'd know better having witnessed it first hand . I've seen more junkies ( both street and legit Rx wise ) that were in some serious trouble because we could not control the pain . I can very vividly recall a 2cnd degree burn victim that we just had to totally sedate for about 2 1/2 mths. whilst in the hospital because he was using street Oxy . Needless to say , he had no memories of that 2+ mths. And he went into an intense rehab program after he learned what had to transpire in order to keep him in any sort of comfort level . My point here is this.......We ALL need to wake up and realize that game time is over . Medications are for certain purposes and not to be abused for fear of the uncertain and unknown .
Depression , Ahhhhhhhh Yesssssss . I know it too well . The Dr. gave me someTrazodone which I had paradoxical effects . ( e.g. , Winging me out instead of calming me ) so I tossed them . I really didn't want ANY pills to begin with . Which is the reason that I went to an Acupuncturist . As I stated in my post , I thought he was just that . I didn't know that he was a
PM Dr. as well . My Bad !!! You'd think that I'd have researched him before going because I certainly would have run for the hills if I had known otherwise
. He came highly recommended from some elderly people in my Fathers Apt. complex .

As I have stated before . I know about Neurontin . If I didn't , I'd have flunked Med school ! LOL ( I laugh in jest , of course ) I really don't want to take anything.....period , dot ! But the reality is that I do need some kind of help , so , I shall ask about the Neurontin and give it a shot . Thank you very much on that advice ( hugs ) . The Lorries will just have to stay at Dads . BTW , do either one of you know of any exersizes that are not too tough on the neck or back ??? I could go to a P/T but don't have the time or monies to be quite honest . I'm assuming that you both are reading both posts here so please forgive me if I'm multi-tasking really badly here . 10 years worth of opiates here ??? Man , you are one lucky Dude to even have a liver . As am I for that matter. Hmmmmph , and your Dr. told you about the dependency thingy as well . Go figure . What they won't do to keep the money rolling in !!!!! It's no wonder they can charge such outrageous amounts of money for scripts and get away with it .
They KNOW that once they have us hooked , they have us hooked .

Well , I've made this a too long winded message . I apologize for this Ya'll . And please know that the term " Sweetie " is not a flirtation . It's merely a term of endearment down here . Ya'll take great care and keep me posted on your progress and I'll do the same , just in shorter messages . LOL. Ya'll have been 2 :angel: :angel:

Sincerely ,


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