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Hey Ms. Minn,

I can't comment on your specific condition, but I have in the past had an issue with hydros and alcohol. I have also been on and off of SSRI's such as Lexapro (and then some) for anxiety, and I am still on Buspar, which isn't an SSRI but it is for anxiety, and Clonazapem, and now Trileptal, an anti-seizure med they also use for mood imbalance, that has replaced the SSRI's.

In short, everything you take will play with the homeostasis of your body. Homeostasis (so I was told) is the process your body goes through to even itself out. We feel like crap when we take drugs or drink, or even take prescribed meds, because all day your body is trying to do what is needed to feel normal and balanced. I was waking up every day and, within an hour, would have high blood pressure and a rapid heart rate. My regular Doc started playing with my anxiety meds, but did refer me to another Psych doc to manage the RX's. She explained the homeostasis of the body and it really hit home. Whether you are taking hydros, alcohol, smoking, eating poorly, anything...your body is going to try to even out. I am no scientist, but it really made sense to me.

Every day, even after I stopped the hydros, I was still drinking, moderately but frequently, and I am still on certain prescribed drugs. My body all day is fighting to be normal. So, I just wanted to post this as a general comment that until you eat right, exercise, quit any substance, prescribed or not, you will feel the effects of your body trying to balance itself. That's why for a few hours a day you may feel OK or normal. It's at that time your body may feel balanced. I know this doesn't answer your question, I just found the information I got this week applies to many things I was/am doing. I guess we forget what we were taught to get the right food and water, vitamins, and exercise. Substance abuse, prescribed or not, makes the body work harder to feel normal.

I hope you do what you need to do to get your body in better shape. I am trying my darndest to do it, and it is hard, but knowledge is power and I kind of get it now. The hard part is getting there for many of us.

Good luck Ms. Minn, and I'll pray you have good night's sleep and a good day tomorrow.


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