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Re: Suboxone
Oct 24, 2006
Hello I I wanna quit 2 I read your post this morning and feel so bad for you. You sound so desperate and in such a bad state of mind, but its probably the W/D'S setting in and they can make you extra emotional and it can make you feel hopeless when your really not. You will be okay, hang in there!! it will get better!!!!!! I am glad your taking the Sub route, I think it will be good for you until you can get to the " root " of the issue as to why you use.

You mentioned that you had been on the SUB once before for 10 months, what happened that you went back out there and started using again. I noticed that your worried about W/D'S after you stop the SUB What happened last time you stopped using them??? Do you remember? I can't imagine its any worse than coming off Methadone or Vicadin but people say it is and that it last a lot longer. If your not going to do maintenance with it, than maybe you should just do a cold turkey or a taper off your DOC??

I think you might be better off staying on them for a longer period of time rather than doing them for 7-10 days, don't you think you would be better staying on them longer until you get some counseling and some help with your addiction???

Good luck this time, I really hope you can make it, I think SUB is a good choice for you.


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