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What Lisa mentioned about the homeostasis thing is right on.your body needs certain things in it in order to function to its optimum.water is one of the most important things.since alot of body systems really dfepend on it they can all get a bit messed up when there is not enough to go around,sooo your brain is telling you it is basically low on water please send more.

lack of proper hydration can effect many many areas,including your heart rate and runs on a certain amount of chemicals and minerals in order to maintain its normal rhythem,and when there is one of those components missing(water) well,things will sometimes get a bit wierd(its your bodys way of telling you to drink more water)so the tachy heart rate is just that,a symptom of not enough water.this also depletes very important electrolytes that help alot with maintaining normal heart rhythem.these need to be replaced as well,and usally are once you start eating and drinking again

One thing that alot of people don't realize is that alcohol in any form is a diuretic(makes you pee alot)do you notice just how much more you pee when you are drinking?this goes on even way after you have stopped drinking.this alone just depletes your water suplly and needs to be replaced.also having(in most people) the day after loose stools will also deplete water in you.

just an FYI on the gin you mentioned you drink?for some reason,and i am thinking its a chemical makeup of the gin itself,out of all the alcoholic beverages avaiiable out there,gin is for some reason,the hardest on your body systems.i heard this many years ago and recently i heard it again.i am not sure why but i am sure if you did some reaerch on it you would be able to come up with the may want to drop that one out of your list of alcoholic beverages you drink.or better yet,quit drinkiing all alcohol and save your body from the damage that will most definitely result over time and possible problems that always come along for the ride when alcohol is involved.people just can do really bad,uncaring and really stupid things when drinking.and the damage it does to your liver and brain and other body systems,well you know.

just make sure to always(everyday even when not drinking)drink alot of water thru out the day.i drink water from the time i get up inthe morning til i go to sleep.and yes,i do have to get up during the night twice,but i have to keep my kidneys well flushed because i have a kidney disease.the water really really helps me alot.good luck,marcia

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