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Nov 9, 2006
Well in looking through the message boards I realized I had a heavy heart. I took the first step today in the fight against my pain pill addiction. Thursdays are my heavy traffic days. Everyone calls me. I have been spending almost $200 dollars a week in med. I first started with tylenol#3 then vics then perc never did oxys was my rationalization through it all. As long as I stayed away from oxys I was not an addict. It could never happen to me. Well it did. But today I start my life long fight against addiction. I spent $270 dollars today on my addiction. I did it though. I gave it all back and everyone was so supportive and understanding. I was out of meds for three days. This week so I have already started my detox process. Even though I slipped up today I know I can get through. My story is probally one everyone hears. I am a stay at home mother (3 and 5 year old). My husband has a great job and we are suppose to be the "PERFECT" family. My husband doesnt even know about my addiction. I have been able to hide it for almost 4 years now. It started when I was pregnant with my 2nd son. He took all the calcium out of my body and my teeth started breaking in 2 literally. Nerves were exposed but no dentist would do any work b/c I was pregnant but they were all wiling to prescribe vics to a pregnant woman. I was very catious and didnt even use them b/c the pain was so intense it didnt even help. So my first experience with them I just put the full bottle in the cabinet and forgot about them for 4 months. After my son was born he had many unrealted health issues. His first 9 months were spent in the hospital and operating room. In that time I learned to depend on vics for a lift and support instead of people I should have been turning too. I know this is kinda piece together story but I dont really remeber to much. I am just looking for advice and support so anyone willing to help please please please help me.
Copin, Look at the Addiction "board on here" there are many helpful posts. Does you husband know now? Maybe you can get MD support by admitting to them and asking for help to detox at home. They can give prescriptions to ease the pain of W/D symptoms. Your children will have a new mother after this...keep on. They need you to be "unchained" from it, just as mine do. Take Care, Katrina

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