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I am on Buspar as well. I know what you mean, though. I have felt like a guinea pig for a few years. It all depends on the doc. I should never have been kept on the SSRI's, I find out know. But when my doc was sick two years ago, I saw her partner who asked me why I was on a SSRI if I wasn't depressed, and I just had anxiety symptoms. He gave me Buspar, weaned me off of the SSRI, and I have been on Buspar since with success. Although, I got too high of a dose this year after a panic attack, and finally I started having some symptoms from that. They brought me back down to a moderate dose, and I am OK for now...just a few breathrough anxiety episodes. Anyway, I understand what you are saying. No more pills is what I feel too. But I tried that, and now I have to take some to couneract other things, my fault some, and some my doctor's fault. I am on so much less than 6 months ago. So my goal is to get off everything and see what I am dealing with.

I am taking 30 mgs of Buspar a day, do you think that is too high of a dose??
I wouldn't tell you what dose is right for you. But, I was up to 50mg a day at the highest, and it I was still just a bit lowere from what the highest dose that is recommended. I am now down to 30 like you are. I was having mild symptoms of high BP and HR in the mornings, a "possible" side-effect of Buspar. But, it could also be due to my recent Hydro detox and I do drink occasionally, something you shouldn't do on any drugs. That's why I am getting off of everything to see where I am at..EXCEPT for the Buspar, which I have had no problems with when I take it properly and without anything else. You should be OK on the 30mg. If you have time, go to the anxiety board and learn more from people who post only there. That has really enlightened me on the Buspar, Clonazapam (which I am on) and the SSRI's which weren't for me. Have a good night, and get some really good sleep!


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