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I'm sure you've all heard my story by now. I've been drinking beer off and on for years now, had various relapses, etc. My last binge was 3 days ago when I drank 8 beers and woke up the next morning feeling sick, disoriented, dizzy, loads of anxiety and panic, electric shock feelings in my head, surreal feeling like the floors/walls were moving, crazy feelings in my head, etc. Very scary and it had been getting worse and worse over the months so that I could'nt even drink one beer with feeling absolutely horrible (like I was going to die) for several days thereafter. Alcohol intolerance I assume.

Anyway, it's been 3 days now and I feel sort of weak, fatigued, lethargic, unmotivated, sleepy, fuzzy-headed and generally "unhealthy". My stomach has also been upset, I have been waking up too early each morning and my eyes feel buggy and unfocused. I just feel like crap but my next drink could very well be a death sentence. I just can't handle alcohol anymore. I've slept on the floor for 3 days now with my dog (and I have allergies) and each morning I get up I take an Ativan witch makes me very sleepy and lethargic too. Maybe it's a combination of things that contribute to the way I feel or maybe most of it is PAWS symptoms.

My question is this. Does what I've described above sound like normal alcohol withdrawl, PAWS or something else and how much longer before I feel well again?. Anything I can do to speed up my recovery?. I keep hearing people talking about how "great" they felt after they got sober and how they were "floating on a pink cloud", etc. I feel cheated. Where's MY "pink cloud"?. I've been sober for 3 days now so why aren't I dancing the Irish jig in the streets with a big clown-smile on my face?.

PS: I'm taking Campral in addition to Ativan and Atarax for sleep (sometimes)

- Thanks, NoFunInSuds (and NO, there IS no "fun in suds"!!)

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