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Can somebody please explain the difference of physical vs emotional drug addiction? i am having huge problems with my 20 year old son abusing opiates and benzos .about once a week that we can tell. we did take him to a pysh.who told us he is emotionally addicted..he has been in our house with no pills for 5 days and has no withdrawels at all..except a little the 1st day..we have zero tolerance for this and decided that if it happens 1 more time we have no choice but to admit him to a rehab..or throw him out..the problem is his age..we cannot force the rehab thing on him..he needs to sign himself him.and he refuses,,,does anybody know anything about obtaining a court order to have him go to rehab? any suggestions or help???:confused:
thanks kim..just being able to talk on this board helps..i cant talk to anyone about this..we are so ashamed..we did do a home urine drug test tonite..which came back posative for benzos opiates..i will take it to the lab tomorrow to double check..he claims he took his last klonopin on saturday..i cant believe a word he says..we will do another check in 3-4 days.

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