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Hi Everyone,
I have been reading the posts in this forum for quite awhile. Reading the various testimonials has helped me make the final decision to end my 2 year addiction to opiates.
My story began with a cervical spinal fusion 2 years ago in October. After getting out of the hospital, I was prescribed Percocet for about 2 months. I was so afraid of being addicted that I asked my surgeon to prescribe something less potent. I have been on a combination of Hydrocodone 5's and Darvocet N-100 and Soma ever since. The surgery did not have the intended result and I have continued to suffer with pain. I have endured epidural spinal injections and radiofrequency in 7 vertebrae, to no avail.

I know I am seriously addicted to the narcotics, since I have been taking about 14 a day (combined darvocet and hydros) for nearly 2 years. As some others have mentioned, I too have found myself counting my pills, getting all stressed out about running out before I can get another refill. I have been noticing in recent months that my sleep at night is being badly disturbed by breakthrough withdrawls after going about 6-8 hours without a dose. That is when I decided enough is enough and began to seriously consider getting off everything. I started googling and came across this forum.

I have decided to try and taper. Just experiencing how unpleasant these "break-through" withdrawls are, I do not think I could stand going cold turkey. It has been 10 days since I made the personal commitment to end this crazy rollercoaster. As of today, I am now 8 days completely hydrocodone-free and am down to 8 darvocet a day, taken in 4 doses of 2 pills. I am still taking 3-4 Soma a day. I know that one is a nasty addicting drug too, but I am fighting one battle at a time.
So far, I have experienced some withdrawl. I did have a bout of chills and sweats with some anxiety yesterday, but I toughed it out, without taking any extras.
I want to thank the folks who have posted here. You guys (and gals) have truly been my inspiration, and I hope I can continue to taper successfully, because I desperately want to get off this crap and start living life without thinking about pills every waking minute.

I don't see much postings about Darvocet. Does anyone have any experience with getting off this drug and any suggestions for me that might help make this easier? I fear as I get to a lower daily dose that the withdrawls are going to really kick in and I will falter in my tapering.

Thanks for reading this long-winded post. Wish me luck!


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