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Hi and you're not all-alone,
I am on day 16 of detoxing from ultram today. I tried tapering first and I did pretty well, but then at about two 50mg pills per day I got sick of the constant pre-WD feeling (like being on the verge of a flu) so I just went CT. Well, in retrospect, I wish I had tapered slower and longer. There are tapering schedules you can look up, but basically I would probably try to drop a pill/day per week, then to 1/2 pill the last week or even 2 weeks.
I did an exelerated version of this and you can look at my posts to see how flippin hard it was. OTOH, everyone is different and maybe your WD won't be as bad. I also take lexapro and deal w/depression and anxiety. The ultram really boosted my seratonin levels so it's been rough dealing with the decrease. I have never been so anxious in my life to be honest. Not sure I would have made it w/o xanax. I hope none of this scares you into not getting off it. It's worth it! I am coming out of the fog now and each day looks a little brighter. I don't have to worry if I have a pill or waste money on them anymore.
Everyone has to do it in their own way. Some need to go into detox. Ultram is not supposed to be addictive but as you've found, it definitely is.
Anyway...I'm happy to answer any questions you might have and I wish you the best of luck getting off them!

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