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i have been on vikes for over 3 years and i finally have worked my way up to 25 7.5 vikes a day. i decided to stop. i am using one 50 mg ultram to help with w/d's and it's working! i have been off the vikes for 2 weeks. i plann on stopping the ultrams next week. what can i expect? will i still have w/d's
will they be worse than the vikes?
Great job with the vics. 25 a only got 60/month and taking 2 a day and they consumed me...I know the drug you are using to help w/wds is addictive from reading other postings (I had to do it CT), but at least you are off the vics. Using the other to help you thru it I think is ok, but it must be just help you w/wds...I'm sure it would be just as easy to substitute one addiction for another, but I'm happy for you for stopping the vics...I'm sure others will offer their support on the other drug (I just don't know enough about it to comment).

Hang in there.
it's going t be a little bit better but not much. drink lots of water because you'll be THIRSTY and altrnating between warm and cold shwers will help with the whole beng sick part. I also got really hungry but that could just be me. try takin a few aspirin as the bottle says and stay busy so your ot thinking about it as much. STAy away from other users. And remember to think of it as just for today I'm not going to do it...EVERY Day. Good luck honey!

OK, my 2 & 1/2 pennies worth here. So long as ur sub'ing 1 Ultram for all those V's, u prob won't have any wd's. On the other hand, if ur sub'ing 1 Ultram 4 EACH V u were taking, ur just swapping, & 4 me, Ultrams were worse than Narc's. My opinion, bad choice. Ultram w/d's are worse than V's.

I once used the Ultram in an effort to get off the hydrocodone. What I found was when I decided to discontinue the Ultram the withdrawal for me, in my opinion was much worse then the withdrawal from hydro. I would always discourage or give advice to not use Ultram to get off hydro but seeing that you are already using the Ultram you may find the withdrawal more intense or nasty then hydro. Hard to say as we are all different and react vastly different based on each situation.

Its interesting that one Ultram can hold off the withdrawal from a 25 a day 7.5 vic consumption. Thatís probably a good thang and you may find when you stop the Ultram its a piece of cake for you. When you stop the Ultram if you get some nasty withdrawal maybe cut the Ultram in half and taper down for a few days to ease the overall withdrawal. Just a though

You are definitely headed in a very good direction, hang in there, it will be all good very soon for you

Thanks to all of you that have posted. I find it very comforting that i am not alone! i am starting a vitamin regimen today i will be trying to replenish what the drugs have taken away before i quit the ultrams. I too am very surprised that the one 50mg ultram is holding me off the 25 7.5 vikes a day habit. I take it a night a few hours before bed around 6:00pm. I have to admit that i get the worst stomch cramps and diarrhea that start around 1:00pm but it subsides once i take the ultram at 6:00pm. This gastric problem scares me cause it was worse than the ones from the vikes. it leads me to believe that the w/d's will be worse but at least i dont have a craving for the trams like the vikes!
Mr 4022

Not sure if you will have bad withdrawals getting of the Ultram. If you can dial off 27 7.5 vics a day with 1 Ultram then you may be able to dial off easily from 1 Ultram. Like I said we are all so different when it comes to getting off the opiates. For some its a breeze, other (like me ha) its pure hell.

Let us know how it goes and if we can help in any way

I have taken a "hydro holiday" with ultram and it works wonders. I only took it for about a week and had NO withdraws when I stopped. Problem was I went back to hydro a few days later due to chronic pain. I wish there was a non opiate drug for severe pain.

Soon from a show I viewed on Discovery HD channel they are doing work to develop pain meds from sea snails that is non addicting and just as effective as opiate based meds. ALso developing pain meds from different venoms that are also just as effective as opiates and non addicting. It will be a ways off but at least there is hope on the horizon.


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