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Hi, Reachout,

I am a new member to HealthBoards, and I am not quite sure how long ago this discussion began. I read many of the postings, and trust me when I say that, "I know, without a shadow of doubt, how and what you are feeling right now." I am a recovering opiate addict myself, and would like to share with you a treatment program that can get you completely off of your addiction on DAY 1-WITHOUT GOING THROUGH WITHDRAWEL!! AND WITHOUT A LONG STAY IN A REHAB FACILITY!!!

I don't know what state you live in, however, if you can find a doctor that is licensed to prescribe this medication, your life will be forever changed! I have been an addict myself for about 2 yrs. The addiction for me was caused by medical conditions that never seemed to end, and the pain was just too excrutiating to withstand. I was being treated for breast cancer-chemo, radiation, several surgeries, etc-then about 4 mnths after that, began having neck and back problems due to a herniated disc in my neck. A major surgery later, I was still in mind-numbing pain, and began to fall into depression along with a nasty habit being built up of about 20-30 Norco per day! I have been a slave to this drug for what feels like an eternity.

I felt helpless, hopeless, and like a HUGE failure because I allowed myself to get to that point of a full blown addict. I am sure you know what that entails, and are trying to put that behind you right now.

My husband actually sought help for me, without me even knowing he saw what was happening to me, and ultimately saved my life with the treatment plan that he found for me. It is an OUTPATIENT program where you DO NOT have to check into a rehab facility-ever-and lasts approximately 6 mnths to complete. However, as I mentioned, believe it or not, the very first day you begin taking the medication, Subutex, you will not feel ANY of the painful and excrutiating symptoms of withdrawel! You can stop "cold turkey" with the drugs that you are addicted to, and feel fine! I myself didn't believe it at first, and was a gigantic anxiety attack going a million miles an hour before my first day. Once I took my first dose, my fears subsided, and took that first step to recovery. I was so excited about what was happening!

I feel great, and I can't believe that I can say I haven't been to one single doctor (which previously was about 3-4 times a week, every week to get my "fix")in almost 1 mnth!

In response to what you said about feeling a deep sadness, and depression. That is perfectly normal, and I know how you are feeling. Although, I have actually found that Subutex has helped me to ease back into a "sober mind", so my depression is not as bad as it was the months before getting help. I have 2 small children, a thriving career, all the while building my addiction and had grewn so weary, so tired, and was sinking further into depression every waking day. I got to the point where I couldn't even bring myself to get up and take my children to school on a daily basis. I am an Area Manager for my company, and travel between my offices everyday. I have all the freedom in the world because of what I do, and I definitely took advantage of that freedom. I lied about where I was, or who I had a meeting with, etc., and just stayed in bed all day long watching t.v. or sleeping. It was the lowest I had ever been, and I knew I was desperate to find help somewhere.

Sorry that this is so long. I am just glad to know I am not alone in this battle, but absolutely hate that it even exists at all for anyone. I hope you find the information on the treatment plan and medication helpful. Let me know if you would like to find out more, or have any questions.



[QUOTE=reachout;2691898]Thank you for the words of wisdom and encouragement. I am trying so hard. My husband is very supportive and keeps telling me to keep positive thoughts in my head. I don't think he understands depresion is beyonst
"thinking your wy out of." I know how much he is trying to help me through this, but I think he is getting tired of the tears. Geeze, I am tired of myself. The tears and depression are so exhausting and unproductive.

Can I ask what are some of the things you all did to help during this time? I have been on Lexapro for a long time, but I think the drugs got in the way of it working.
I try to do some housework and have wrapped Christmas packages and stuff, and spend a lot of time on the computer. It seems unless I am actively engaged in something, I am crying. Any ideas??[/QUOTE]

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