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Krisit, I know what you mean. Ultram is low grade, I have tried it and it didnt do ANYTHING for me. I am on VICODIN and HIGH doses. I suggest you dont take that if at all possible. You think the w/d from ultram are bad...vicodin (for ME) is the most horrible thing that I cannot even describe.
Anyways, I would start by contacting someone in the yellow pages in your area that specializes in this sort of thing, ask them if there are ANY government funded programs for people w. LOW INCOME. There has got to be something out there 4 you. If you have a 211 line (we in texas do) its for the UNITED WAY...then call them. Best thing is just to ask as many questions as possible until you find what you are looking for. Its out there. You just have to put forth the effort.
So try these:
YELLOW PAGES (under drug addictions/counseling/etc.)
MHMR (mental health mental retardation)
GOVERNMENT (blue pages of phone book)

Sounds like if you have gone c/t and went thru w/d before and dont think you can do it at home, then detox or an inpatient program may be best for you.

I will look online and find out what i can.

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