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Great job!! I guess I was lucky with tramadol..I was taking about 125 mg's most days..some less,some a bit more.However,I was always able to just stop after maybe a 3 day 1 per day "taper".Two friends of mine in the pharmacology field said you could just stop if it was only a few months and they were right.To me,not even close to Vicodin,Percoset etc.Those are the big leagues. Two of my other taemmates(BBall) also stopped CT after knee operations and a few months of various and much stronger stuff.Just shows how different we all are and that Tramadol(Utracet was mine) is not Heroin!! Thank God.Hope all stay healthy and have a joyous Holiday.But,do not believe everything you may read on a web-site.Most who have no trouble never would even post ,let alone read ..

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