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Hi guys,

Thanks for all of your support. Today started off well but I had to run crazy errands all day and I am whipped. I went to the mall and the second I walked out the door I would usually light a cigarette- immediately- and pop a few pain pills. I would always make sure I bought a drink before I left the mall to do that. That was friggin hard. But I made it. I slapped on a new pouch and tore after a bag of lollipops. I am holding on. I realize that I am tired and hungry - trying to remind myself of that HALT saying- hunger, anger, loneliness & tired are all things that will signal urges. It's very hard doing this but it's way more mental than physical. I don't feel all energetic but I even went to the grocery store- with my kid- and didn't have any meltdowns. I came home and smoked a half of a J though. I needed to do something. I feel better just reading all of this support. I'll post later tonight when I can- it's now make dinner and bathe my daughter time, and this will be the challenge after the day I've already had. Prayers and perseverence!

Oh, I'm glad my post reached you- the guy quitting the smokes, pain pills and xanax. That's admirable, but my advice would be to get off the xanax last. You'll need those to deal with the anxiety from the pills and cigarettes. Get the pills and smokes out of your system and habits, then get off the xanax. Coming off of xanax makes people very agitated and so do smoking, and pills. LOL. Or, do all 3 at once but be prepared. That is going to be a tough one. But you can do it. This is mind over matter guys. We just have to decide that we don't want to be pill poppers or smokers anymore. I just kept telling myself that I don't light cigarettes or pop pills, and reminding myself that I want to be healthy (and alive!) to raise my sweet little daughter. But if anyone wants to pray for me, your thoughts will be appreciated!


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