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On Monday I stopped my 10-15 a day Norco 10/325 habit that had slowly crept up over the last year. I fessed up to my wife, and had her flush my pills.
The next day I decided I didn't want to go CT, because I was feeling like crap from withdrawals already, and had been unsuccessful in the past with CT and trying to taper. I called about 20 doctors before I found one who would see me the same day and get started on Suboxone.

Since I was in a rush, I didn't get to find perhaps the "best" doc, but I'm off the Norcos, so it's a start. This doctor says I'll need to stay on the Sub for about 6 months, then slowly taper off. I'm not so sure about this.
The more I read, the worse idea I think that is. I've pretty much decided to use Suboxone for a 5-7 day detox from the hydrocodone instead of going on a maintenance dose of it.

I had 8 mg on Tues, 8 mg yesterday, and 4 mg today. I'm feeling ok. I've been able to work and exercise everyday. I'm planning on taking 1mg tonight, depending on how I feel. Then tomorrow I'll take 3 mg total, 2 mg Saturday, and 1 mg on Sunday. Monday I will be drug free.

From what I've read, using it for 5-8 days will help you get off your opiate of choice and also minimize withdrawals from the Suboxone.

I am also ready to face this problem head on, have left messages for a couple therapists, and have told all my friends. I am very motivated to quit and stop trying to hide this damn secret and bear this burden all on my own (like I used to think I could).

I would appreciate any advice on other's who have detoxed using Suboxone for about 1 week. I looked at all the prescribing data for it, and this is definitely one way it is recommended to be used...the other being transferring onto long-term maintenance. But I really don't want to trade one addiction for another.

Please, I'd love any advice. Thank you so much.
I have used sub for some time now and have a wonderful doctor who is in no rush to see me stop, but also maintains me on a low dose (4 to 6 mg/day). I also see a psychotherapist every Wednesday to discuss my progress. My MD and shrink consullt and work together on my treatment. I find that the sub helps a bit with pain and definitely evens otut my mood. It isn't the same for everyone. I'd advise against using for only 5 to 7 days unless you have a plan inplace. Your body WILL start looking for the norco once the sub leaves your system. The sub moves through you slowly. On 4 mg. per day, I could use the med for 4 straight days and then go 2 or 3 without it before starting to feel physical w/d. Some have a difficult time withdrawing from sub, but if you are on a moderate dose, a taper shouldn't be too bad. I suggest you consider continuing the suboxone while exploring your non-physical motivations for using Norco in the way you did. Without addressing those issues, relapse is more likely. Good luck!

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