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Re: Help
Jan 10, 2007
Hello SLV

Welcome to the Land of Hope! I am fairly new to this board, but sure not new to painkillers. I was on percocet for many years and built a tolerance. My presciptions were getting larger and larger. When I talked to my doctor about the percocet not making it anymore with the pain, he told me that I could not up the dose of percocet because of the amount of tylenol I was taking in. So he switched me to straight oxycodone which is percocet with no tylenol in it. And upped my allowable dosage to 3 tabs every 3 hours as needed. I had scripts for 200 tabs every month, sometimes less than a month. I usually took 9-11 a day... I am paying a steep price now for it.

I am on a taper for the drug. The taper started in early October and now I am at 1 and 1/2 tabs a day and ready for a step down. As the taper goes on, I am cutting 1/4 a tab at a time. Sounds ridiculous probably, but as the taper progresses, the percentage of the step down gets larger. Therefore, the smaller cuts.

It had not been an easy road. Slowly, I had been heading towards a breakdown and at first didn't recognize it, and then couldn't stop it. In October, I had a toptal breakdown. Physical. Mental. Emotional. I was in deep depression and the primary cause was the opiates. Also xanax which I was prescibed off label for nerve damage. When I finish THIS taper, I will have to tackle Xanax next.

In my opinion, getting pregnant while coming off percocet is not a great choice. I say this because even on a taper, I have suffered a lot. The first cut I made was too big and the doctor tried cutting both oxycodone and xanax at the same time. WAY too much for me to handle. And the cut was just too big. I went into full blown withdrawal and thought I would lose my mind beyond repair. Thankfully, the xanax taper was put on hold and I am doing the oxy first.

Even with just doing the oxy, I had horrible, horrible anxiety for the first two months. Depresssion deepened and I was not functioning well at all.

This must be scaring the heck out of you and I am sorry. This is just MY story. I think had the first step down been lower and slower, I might have had an easier time. Easier, not easy. I have had two good days in a row now so I know it is step down time again. Uggg! But I know I will live through it.

For me, tapering is a matter of my mental and emotional health now and I have to be selfish at times to get better. If I am exhausted and can sleep, I do. If I don't feel up to massive housework, I don't do it. It is there tomorrow.

My hubby has been my greatest supporter. And my doctors, family and closest friends along with my cyber friends on this board. I have given up any shame. There is no shame in becoming depenant on pain meds... only shame when we do not recognize it and then act on our knowledge. I have let all my doctors' offices know I am coming off opiates. And only my primary care doctor prescribes. I did this in the beginning to ward off any temptation I might face in getting opiates elsewhere. Also had oxycontin by script and that was the first I just stopped altogether although I seldom used it. That was not a big deal because I had the shorter acting oxycodone.

Tapering sure isn't the only way to go. Some go cold turkey. Some do a little of both. The path to getting off is not the most important.. the most important is getting off. I have had chronic pain for some years due to various issues. I think I developed what is called rebound pain where the opiates actually caused me more "pain" than I had. At first when tapering, my pain increased. It was really the brain calling for more opiate. At this pont, I have discovered that my pain is actually less than when I was on the opiate. I don't disagree that opiate use is sometimes necessary. However, I think we should never be put on this kind of med without a plan for coming off.

Others will come by and offer their stories and thoughts also. Read them carefully and decide then what you want to do. Whatever plan you choose or course of action, know that support is vital.. Ine of my greatest reliefs was "coming out" to those I trusted. They have been the biggest help throughout this.

Wishing you well

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