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Re: Help
Jan 5, 2007
If you dont want to go cold turkey try to taper some before you quit. I started taking vitamins, liqued b-12 a week before I decided to quit. I understand your pain too I had to have an ovary taken out due to the pain and cysts. I took over the counter sleep aids to help me sleep some. The worst part was 3-5 days. Hot baths and showers helped and if your not taking any anti depressants Valerium Root helped for restless legs and to get some rest. The worst is over in 5 days and its worth it to get your life back. Have someone hold onto your pills and dose your meds if your trying to taper. As far as pregnacy goes I would try to stop now b4 you get pregnant. Putting your body through w/ds while pregnant yes can cause you to might loose the baby cause its just to much on the body. You can do a taper to get off of them though. I would discuss this with your obgyn your concerns. Its a catch 22 you need them for pain yet abuse them too. Its hard to stay off them getting clean is the easy part staying clean is the hard part. I picked up magazines crossword puzzles anything that would keep my mind off of how bad I felt. Oh and Immodium lots of it too. Some say taking more helps with the w/d's also dark chocolate too. All I can say is give it a shot what do you have to loose? Suffer the 5 days and get yourself off these devil pills. Or like I mentioned try a taper lower your dose every 3-4 days and keep it up til your ready to make the jump off them. I also kept a few and wouldnt take any all day and would just take a 1/2 or 1 pill to help me sleep then once most of the w/d's were done I stopped that. Its the no sleep thing thats the worst. Remember no one had ever died from lack of sleep. Just stay focused and stay strong you can do it and you will be so much happier. Kim

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