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Re: Day Two
Jan 13, 2007
Phil, Toughtime got it right on the 22nd reply, believe on pg 5.

All day long I felt as if I have had a fever. Heck, my face is RED and stings. This has been going on since Tues. So yesterday I took Blood pressure meds and took a 3 minute jog to mailbox and it worked- for a little bit. Dont know if it was that or if the fact that I was in shock that my car broke down.

I dont know how much crying affects the body, but for me it helps. Calming actually. I didnt cry much at all when taking vicodin. I remember alot of times that I almost had to force an emotion so people wouldnt think I was "cold" and other times, I was overly emotional (mad mainly)

And, I feel as if I need to get MAD AS HELL and get out and run it off. (Amy is NOT a runner lol) but now I am about to be iced in.
Truthfully, I didnt throw the stuff out right when I posted that. I THOUGHT about it. I THOUGHT well, I will just hold onto it until its time to move. Then, I REALIZED that was my addictive thinking. Who in the heck "holds on" to drugs and doesnt take them whenever they WANT to?? So, with the honesty that I am trying to reach in myself in order to come to grips with reality and the changes that will need to take place, I DID get up and flush it. Felt great too. I have NEVER done that before.

I need to start a new thread explaining how God has changed my life over the course of 8 years. It doesnt take that long, I will find a way to shorten it. Amazing story (to me) and there is significance to it that knocked my socks off last night, MY EYES WERE OPENED.:)

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