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Hello Light

I am glad to hear you are staying the course noy using. Congratulations for taking a positive step and coming to post.

When I first starting posting, I was only looking for help for the physical part of coming off oxycodone. I read posts for a long time before I actually starting writing. I have learned especially that the physical part may be hard, but that the 'after detox' is the hardest. I am tapering so I am learning during detox. And I am thankful that I am gaining knowledge now for the future.

I think that many of us have some underlying issues that ned to be dealt with. As we deal with those, I think the cravings lessen and come farther apart. We have to find those underlying causes and work through them to make changes in our lives. I have started that process now. I have spent a lot of time reflecting on some issues in my life (besides using the opiates). I see a psychiatrist, talk to my family doctor, my family, and next week will start to see a behavioral therapist. I know I have issues to deal with and will never find my life at its fullest until I do.

I think the suggestions from the other posters are all good. Perhaps N/A, a medical person, whatever you are comfortable with could be a source of help for you. Someone who might have insight as to why or what you are hiding from that makes us want to escape from feeling. Personally, using the opiates at some point changed from controlling pain issues into handling life issues. I am working out now just what the heck those life issues are. I have to figure out why I would choose destructive behavior when I have the knowledge to know better.

I am glad you are posting. I have learned so much more here than was my original intent. I am back in touch with my God. I am getting back in touch with my life.

I wish you calmness and happiness. And I applaud your work at staying the course.


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