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have you read the SAMPLE HOME DETOX PLAN?
If you can, get some of the herbs listed there. Especially liquid Immoduim AD, tylenol pm, valerian root, st johns wart (depression)
this is just my opinon. I am on day 9 without any opiates and I was taking over 100 mg of vicodin a day. Sometimes as much as 200mgs. I quit cold turkey in the midst of being served an eviction, taking care of 3 young kids, my car breaking down and the 1st ice storm of the season (unusal for us in Texas, huh?)
So, I think I am a fairly weak person in comparrison to others, but I am living proof that you can do this. Just remember, once an addict ALWAYS an addict and the battles is NEVER over. You just have to learn to pick your battles. Mine happens to be a battle for a clean life & to provide for my children what they deserve and need in life in order for them to NOT be like me.

If you need anything, you just ask, okay? We are all just a breathe away to help you thru this.

God bless you!

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