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Being a parent of 3 small children and coming from a family with a host of addictions, do you think there is anything looking back that you could have seen and now say "maybe thats what it was/when it started" Not looking to blame here on the contrary trying to start early with my own children. If it is indeed genetic, is there anything we can do? I have spoken to my little ones 6 and 8, 5yo is autistic (sohe has no clue) about doing the right thing telling their parents if people offer anything etc.... pointing out that cigarettes will kill you and alcohol is only okay if it does not cause your life problems. They do not see my husband or myself drink anymore. Try to keep them participated in sports and different hobbies so they dont have time to do illegal substances, although not to many, that will cause them to stress and maybe turn the otherway. So many hurdles. Anyway, I was just wondering if in hindsight anyone had any good suggestions. Thank you all:D

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