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Re: Ultram Help
Jan 26, 2007
Though classified as a non-narcotic, Ultram has proven to be just as addictive as some of the other narcotics like vicodin and percocet. Like the narcotics, it can become emotionally and physically difficult to stop taking with the same withdrawal (some people say worse) symptoms especially after long time use. It was prescribed to me for pain as a alternative to more addictive substances since I had a history of addiction to other opiates. Though I miraculously (and with the help of my recovery program) have managed not to exceed the prescribed amount, (3-50mg. daily) I find that seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Many, many people really struggle with this drug. At least with the narcotics you know their addictive nature and what to expect. Even the doctors who prescribe them only know what the literature says (non-addictive) but as many here will attest, they can be highly addictive. They just work in a different way in the brain.

Also, not everyone finds adequate pain relief since it is not as potent as vicodin or certainly percocet, but in that regard it has worked great for me. I have been taking it for approx 4 years and do consider it to be an addictive substance. What was your experience with the narcotics, did you become addicted to those? If so, Ultram would be no different.

Best of luck in seeking relief from your back pain.

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