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Wow, thats a hard one~ I lived in Manhattan for about 8 yrs and totally can see where you are coming from. Their shows are grueling, and there is no excuse. I had a friend who was also a BW dancer.
If you can pound the immodium that helps, Ive seen ppl post and somehow it helps with the opiate system. not that it gets you high, but it stops the runs, and it does help. You have to take about 4-6 though, Ive seen noted by persons that had to go cold turkey.
Of course you can get ANYTHING there off the streets, and I hope that you dont turn there. IF you think you can taper? AND follow a plan, and not eat them, then Id try to find another doc to get some from.
BUT if you go to the doc that you know, and be honest, I think that accounts for a heck of a lot, and the risk you run is they will cut you off, and not taper you, or... you never know. Will you get sired if it shows up on your record?
I wish the best for you, i know what you do every nite is something that I couldnt do , if I were feeling crappy or even feeling SUPER!
Please let us know how you make out...I hope to see a post from you soon. Just wanted to let you know that i can relate only having a friend who did the same as you, and its hard HARD work! HAng in there!!!!!!!!!:wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:

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