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this would probably be a great idea since you mentioned that you are actually suffering from depression.ultram is very different from other pain meds in that it actually does have an actual antidepressant quality to it,unlike the other pain meds availiable.i do think tho that you should really discuss this with an actual therepist who can help treat your depression and get you on the best possible med for your depresion,then discuss any actual pain issues with your doc.or you could see your doc for the whole thing and then a referral for the depression?its kind of up to you just how you want to handle this.but the depression has to be evaluated and possibly treated.which SSRI to use is really kind of up to your doc.they all are pretty much the same thing with slightly different ingredients.

by the way just so you know,depression is usually,in many cases,the underlying reason that people who are actually taking some type of pain med can actually become addicted to them.this was the case with me too.i started out taking them for real abdominal pain and this was after the birth of my first child.i was actually suffering from post partum depression but didn;t actually find that out til wayyy much later.believe me,you are not alone there at all.self medicating depresion by taking something that just makes you feel "good" and 'comfortable' with yourself,well geez,sounds good dosent it?it can be a very huge trap for alot of us who are actually suffering from depression and when we have to take a pain med for something our depression actually goes away.pretty easy to se why so many depressed people can easily become addicted ya know?

you ARE doing the right thing here for yourself,really.i personally cannot actually reccomend one SSRI over another here but i have had really good responses to lexapro at varying doses.the lexapro just doesn't appear to me anyways to be quite as harsh as the zoloft i had been taking many years ago.i have been on the lex now for well over four years with no major or even minor problems and it is working for me too.just one just need to be kind of careful when adding an actual SSRI to the ultram,just because of the added anti D effect.this most definitely will need to be taken into consideration when you speak with your doc about it.

i do wish you lots of luck with this.please let me know how things are going for you,K? Marcia

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