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Hey Traveller

Fifteen years?? Halellujah, baby! Wow.. wow.. that is just awesome. You know I will be thinking about you on Saturday!! Celebrating your continued journey on the sober road. Wow! how nice it must feel to be able to say that.

I am sorry to hear about the depression. It has haunted me on and off for years, also. It is the hardest thing I have ever endured. Having it before though, you, like me, know that with working at it, it can be overcome. Such a struggle. I guess that is what makes it so hard for any addict to overcome... dealing with the depression that follows detox.

I NEVER thought I would be saying THIS, but I think having experienced depression before has been a blesssing in REAL disguise. The tools I have learned for coping with it in previous bouts are helping me deal with the whole taper deal now. I thik we sometimes sleep a lot during depression because the brain needs rest to heal. Mix it up a bit with some activity, though, okay? And count each baby step (like making that sald) as an accomplishment. Each post you make is one also. A productive baby step.

Rejoice Saturday in your HUGE acccomplishment of 15 years sober, and rejoice if it makes you feel even a little bit happy, because that is a baby step in getting better from the depression.

Wishing you congrats and peace

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