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jamie, thanks for lookin out for my post. i will try and answer and help you in any possible way . here is a timeline.....8-9 yrs ago i tried a sample dose , i was frustrated at taking so much advil 800mgs x 4 day.. the one 50 mg dose of ultram did work...and they were "safe" . im in health care and getting samples or speaking with the drug reps was easy...they kept telling how save they were and non-addicting. well we know how bad they can be. i was up to almost 40 per day!!! i tapered down to about 10 to 12 per day then went cold turkey, i would recommend tapering more , maybe down to 4 or 5 .. cold turkey worked for me. i planned out a week off, got imodium ad for stomach problems and had some xanax and was shocked at how much i slept! almost 16 hrs per day for about 5 days. after 5 days i started feeling better..... but my energy level has taken about 10 days to get back to norm. if you are lookin to get off this drug the following imho worked for me . i looked at how the drug was controlling me and decided i would control the drug, meaning a big role reversal . i got angry and aggressive in a mental way, so instead of lookin up at the pill i started lookin down at it... it helped me big time... drinks lots of fluid have someone you can talk to , eat light , meaning fruits cereal oatmeal veggies , easy on youre tummy!!!... you can do this !!!! if there is anything!! i can do further plz let me know.....stay strong, peace and blessings michael:angel:
Hell(0) ...I am new to do this so please bear with me...I have had chronic pain due to a car accident and was on Oxycontin and Fetanyl...I eventually got to just Ultram and onl 50mg every 24 hours but if I try to go cold turkey from their it is unbearable. Does anyone have advice on how to taper from here (I know it is a low dose but I went from the Fetanyl to the Oxycontin then to oxycodone which I just came off of the oxycodone last week so I wonder if that is really causing the untolerable pain in my joints and muscles where I cant sllep at night and I just roll around in bed all night long until I take ultram which eases the i cut them in half and deal with it from there? I have plent of xanax or valium to knock me out for a couple of days but being in grad school that is not an option til 2wks from now.

Thanks for any advice or help out there..

Best- C

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