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You are not alone. I hate having to take meds to function. Before I moved and had my back problems and was dealing with the leg issue (foot drop) and not knowing what was going on my hip starting hurting. My Dr prescribed 5 mg vicoden he gave me a bunch in a month and told me not to take more than 8 in a day. This was not helping my hip pain at all. I also had amyitriplene and a nsid I took. I called once to tell him that this was not working for my pain and immediately he thought I overdosed. He treated me very badly and I felt like a naughty kid. I then had a gall bladder attack and he just knew it was my liver because of the overdose of tylenol. Soon they found it was not and they did blood work and found that I did not overdose.

I know have a different Dr whom found my problems and has prescribed loratabs stronger than the viocden was and it really does help I am not painfree but do not find myself wanting to take them before I should. This is because the meds are stronger and helps with the pain.

I would investigate the pain level and if the perocets are really working for you. Maybe your Dr. could change your meds and you might get some relief.
Being in Chronic pain is hard and yes I believe your body does become dependent on the meds and yes I also believe we can get rebound pain but sometimes we need something different to interupt the pain cycle.

Try just talking to your Dr and being honest about your pain. Keep a pain diary for 48 hours writing down your physical activity and your level of pain you will be surprised what this may show.

Good luck and remember you have a friend here whom knows what you are feeling. Sometimes if an anxiety med is added you will find relief.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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