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Hi ,
I found myself really dependant on my percocets , I take 1- 15mg perc every 12 hours plus 1-30mg Morphine every 12 hours for my pain. Thats a pill evey 6 hours , I have nerve damage and scar tissue in my spine.
I really want to get off them even if it cause me to go mad with pain. I get really sick and my anxiety goes through the roof so I have to take it . How do the Dr.'s ween you off meds ? Do they lesson the mg or pills ? I really need somthing for pain but I don't want to be on these anymore.

The Morphine makes me sick and I ask my Dr. if I could just take a percocet every 6 hours and don't take the morphine anymore and he said NO. I don't get it ? The Morphine is srtonger than the percocets and they make me sick.
But I need to take something for anxiety and the pain I feel if I don't have it.

Thank you for helping me :) [/COLOR][/SIZE]
Sandi ,
Hi I remember you from the backpainboard too. Thanks for understanding my problem . I want my wife to know I really do but my wife makes things bigger than they really are , I plan on telling my doctor after I ween myself down to what I'm supposed to be taking , I did pretty good today , only 5 pills total. I really feel horrible ,shaking ,sick in my tummy and diarea and full of anxiety but when I lay down I feel ok.

The hard part is running out of my meds , I done this once before and I never want that to happen again. Thats the main reason for me stopping the meds. I see my doctor on the 15th I will explain my problems with him.

I understand the mind trying to make me want more but thats not the case with me , i had this pain WAY before my meds , I screamed and hollored that my Dr. wouldn't give me pain meds , I should of shut my mouth. What kind of medications could I take for the pain ? I tried about everything and the only thing that gave any relief was Lyrica but it wasn't enough.

Thank you for being so nice , I didn't want to tell anyone about this but it got out of hand and I needed help. Did you stop your pain meds ?

It's terrible and I wish it on no one . Ok Maybe on Osama Bin Loden :D [/SIZE]
I did it ! I called my surgeon and pain management and told them I have a problem. But I didn't tell them the whole truth, I told them I want off of these meds and that I tried quiting myself and can't do it , they were so nice about it and understanding , I started to cry silently but I'm sure they knew. It's a huge burden off my chest , I also told them I was taken my percocet every 6 hours and skipping my Morphine because I don't want to take it it's to strong and makes me sick. She told me she needs to get me into a program to ween me off...I told them I couldn't just stop one pill, that I needed to ween before stopping , I said maybe like lowering the dose after I get down from without my Morphine , She said the program will do me great and that they are so proud I came to them.

I told them If it wasn't for friends ( you guys ) I would of never said anything to them. Monday there going to call me and make arrangments for me to see this PM place over near my home to consider the spinal cord stim to help me with my pain while I'm tapering. Thank you guy's..I am so happy I took all your advises. You to Reach , you inspired me to start all this.

Thanks you all for being true cyber buddies :) [/SIZE][/COLOR]
Clover , that's the thing , now that I'm weening off what am I going to do about the pain? I did NOT want to go with the stimulator really , I heard so many horror stories about it, but there is nothing left for me but stim or meds , I probably wouldn't have this withdraw sickness if my Dr. would have listened to me , I told him I did not want the Morphine it made me sick ,and the Oxycodone wasn't working like they used to , but they didn't want me on any more I guess ,so I cheated a bit and took more than I should have. I blame only myself. But to live in this amount of pain is unbarable without somthing.
Thanks for you post ,it's nice to here from ole friends from another world,,I mean board :dizzy: . I was joking , Ha,Ha ![/SIZE]
Hey Reach ,
Sorry I haven't posted for a while , my computer wouldn't allow me to get on here ? Somthing wrong with the database?

Anyway , your right 5 mg's a day equaled my oxycodone , but they left out 3o mgs of morphine . I talked to my surgeons office who took over my scripts , and told them to drop from a 15mg twice a day plus
30mg of morphine twice a days to a 5mg isn't what I ask for..The nurse talked to the Dr. who said he will send me a 10mg oxycodone script for a week is all ? This really has me upset. I can't go to my original Dr. who started me on these drugs because he moved away 200 miles. I called my pain clinic who has no Dr. yet because the origanal one left without notice ,they even said I should be brought down slower..I have 2 vicodent's left to last me until my scripts get here ,probably tomorrow. But the Vicodent doesn't help to much.

I can't believe they only gave me 40 pills of 5mg. I had to take 2 at a time because one wasn't working alone now I'm out again. This just ticks me off..I didn't want to become dependant on these pills. Yesterday I only took 3 5mgs oxy and 3 vicodents.. Thats a big cut for me. I still was sick feeling but coped with it on the couch watching the race :) . So far today I took 2 Vicodents and thats all I'm taking so I have some for tomorrow.

No they didn't give me a plan , it was more of a threat to quit ? I never EVER had a drug problem yet they treat me like I have. Just told me that after I get this weeks worth of oxy I better be off them ? I'm calling my origanal Dr. who's office is 200 miles away today and talk to them.

I'll keep you posted , thanks for your help Reach [/SIZE]

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