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Hi Shawley

Boy, do I hear you loud and clear about the anxiety! I was already in such a horrible frenzy of anxiety and depression when I started the taper. I think you are in a much better place to start work with a taper than I was. The anxiety lessens as you plod along. That is how I know when I am ready to make each cut. My anxiety level starts to level off a bit and I say, "Okay, time to go down a bit more."

You know, from what I have learned reading other's stories here, those who choose the cold turkey route have the peak of withdrawal on the third day or so and then the symptoms slowly subside. I am finding the same with the taper. The symptoms are not any where near as drastic as those of cold turkey, but they surely do exist. And they, also, peak around the third day or so and then slowly subside.

I have been able to sleep most nights... an occassional exception only. I do, however, anticipate a little problem when I stop the bedtime dose. That is why I have tapered kind of "equally." Cutting the bedtime dose little by little as I cut the daytime dose. Trying to keep balance.

You sound like a heck of a determined guy and when you say you will do this, I believe you. Smiles


Are you completely out of BOTH meds??? I am so hoping not or you are going to be in full withdrawal by Monday. Is it just the Percocet that is gone? If so, take the Morphine until Monday. If not, put in an emergency call to your Doctor and get enough to get you through. You will have to pick the script up, I know, because both meds are by script only. But you can not go from now until Monday without any opiate or your course of action is going to change drastically from a planned taper to an unintentional cold turkey.

Go read the very first thread on this board called "Sample Home detox" at the very least.

I am really worried about you. Please check in, okay??


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