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[QUOTE=CroLiddell;2789730]I have been fighting Oxy addiction for 4 years (I snort them). It is now time to quit. I take anywhere from an 80 to 160mgs daily. When I went to the SUB Dr., she put me on Oxy of all things. She said I need to taper down. Kinda ironic, I have been taking Oxy for 4 years, and when I try to get help I get my first legal prescription. She only gave me a 5-day script and I have to go back in 5 days and get a new script.

I do not want to wait 15 days to start the SUB so I insisted we start Monday. I need to start this now, because I am too excited to get my life back, and I will not fail.

I just recently heard about this treatment a few weeks ago, because the person I get Oxy's from gave me two 8mgs and two 2mgs Subs. The first day I took the 8mg, and I did not feel the normal feeling everyone talks about, I had slight w/drawls (I was still easily able to work), the next day, I took another 8mgs and felt a little better. The next day I took the 2mgs pills and that day I felt great! I had the "normal" feeling.

Should I expect the same thing this time? If she puts me on 16mgs, will that help me feel normal right off the bat? Does anyone know what the average dose given for someone who is on 160 mgs of Oxy, because if the normal is 16 mgs and she puts me on 24 mgs, then I will only take the 16mgs. Also, how long should I expect to be on this treatment? And lastly, any idea how much the pills cost? I am not paying with my insurance, as I do not want them to know. The Dr. charged be $1,000 for 6 weeks, not including the SUB.

Thanks in advance for any help or encouragement.[/QUOTE]

the doctor may want to wean you as oxy is a long acting drug. that may be a reason...however.i do not know. i will tell you this when one starts the sub you have to be in acute withdrawals. you are for sure playing with fire using the sub without doctor supervision. imo,i would tell the doctor what you did. i have never heard of a doctor charging one 1,000 for the program of sub. i have heard up to 500. but never 1,000.
it is very dangerous to use the sub like you did on top of the oxy's. PLEASE, let your doctor know. before the month of jan. a doctor could only take 30 patients into the suboxone it is 100 and is mandated by the state. a doctor has to have a speacial training to even rx the sub. you are keeping yourself in a state of detox doing what you are doing not to mention what you are doing by self-medicating yourself is extremly dangerous. thats all i will say on this matter. hope you get to your doctor and get honest about what you used (sub). i am truly concerned for your well being.
please take care

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