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Hi Lala and Shawley

I have learned a lot reading many stories on this board. There are so many routes to coming off opiates. Each has its own set of pluses and minuses. Some go cold turkey, some taper, some use Suboxone, some do it at a detox center, some at home. It doesn't matter as long as we each choose the course that seems most to doable for us as an individual.

I chose to do a taper with my family doctor. Yes, I had a really rough start to mine as Shawley is with his, but I am still happy with my choice for me. When the withdrawals hit hard on my first step down (too big a step down), I KNEW that cold turkey was not the route for me and happily plod along on this long, slow taper. And I do mean plod along. After 4 months, I am down to 1/2 tab a day and nearly done. So what if it has taken me a long time? I am doing it and getting stronger and better every day. I am sure some think, "Jump already!" That is okay, because I have gotten in touch with my own body and mind and know when a cut is due.

I do not have the mental or physical stamina to do cold turkey. I am in awe sometimes of the people who have accomplished this. But I am not jealous. I have to work with who I am, as do each of us.

We can support each other even if we are not on the same course of action. Our common goal is to get off the opiates. The wonderful thing about this Board is the blessings we pass on to each other in terms of knowledge and support.

Ah... my soapbox is getting wobbly here. Smiles. Time to get off it.

Best wishes and hope to all fighting this battle.


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