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I am so sorry you are in this position. Definitely a torment for sure. Do you have some Immodium in the house? If not, have a friend or somebody go get some for you. You are going to start getting very bad diarreha soon. The Immodium helps not only the bowel problem, but an ingredient in it, (I think Loperdine) will also act to help calm you down some. Please read "The Sample Home Detox" which is the first thread on the Board. I used the vinegar and honey suggested there among other things.

Oh, Shawley, this is just the pits. I had so hoped you could just get on a nice, slow, planned taper. But sometimes the best laid plans go awry. Be totally upfront, totally, when you talk to that doctor's office today. Don't lose hope here. My taper plan got off to a real rough start also, and I am doing much better now. It is just going to take a while for that anxiety to come down.

You mentioned in another post that "rizapam" is helping you. I am not familiar with that. Is it an anti-anxiety tab? ( I take Xanax... my next taper will be from that). If it IS a med for anxiety, be very cautious that you do not up your dosage or you will run into another problem getting back down to your prescribed dosage. Just such vicious circles with these meds, huh?

When I made the first step down that was way too big, I had to deal with what you are dealing with now. It can be frightenening. I tried to lay as still as possible. If you feel yourself crying a lot, know that it is normal. And I had all kinds of brain zaps... like electricity flying around my head and couldn't think straight. That is kind of common also.

Pray, Shawley, and ask God to intervene and help you. Ask that the doctors act quickly to help you. I will do the same. Right now. Okay, done.

I will be thinking about you. If it gets past what you can handle, get yourself to the ER and tell them exactly what is going on. It will be no shock to them either and they can get in touch ewith your doctor so you can get some help.

Hang tight, Buddy

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