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Jayboy , I remember you from the backpain board , I have simular problems as you. I know when I'm off these meds, and I was on some high stuff
15mg perc and 30 mg Morphine and now I'm trying so hard to get off these things , my Dr. is scheduling me for a trial stimulator that runs along my spine for pain ,please speak with your pain management Dr. about this. It's my last option really. I just got done with the injections and everything else and nothing, I had a laminectomy /fusion L4-L5 in 2004 and in 2005 plus on October 2007 I had surgery to remove hardware and scar tissue and here I am dependant on my drugs ? I want to see what kind of life off these I have.

Be thinking of you :) [/SIZE]
Hi jay, yah I remember you from the pain board to. well I am so in your shoes. I have a habbit myself of abusing my meds and I need them for my chronic pain. I have tried to quit and the pain over whelms me, I can't even sit during the day as my back throbs all day long and I am in constant pain. i know your story, you have a failed back surgery from the ADR so I know all about the pain your in as I have read your post for a year or more now. and I have heard you talk abotu the abuse many times of your percs.

This is what I do and this works for me. I see a pain Doc and I am on oxycontin 40mgs twice a day and percs for B/T Pain. I have my husband dole out my meds every day so that I can't take more than I am supposed to. he has a safe and he keeps them locked up and puts them out each morning for me. its never a problem cuz I don't look for the key and I don't ask for more than I am allowed per day... I never run out and am doing good. I can't manage my own meds or I co crazy myself... Can you try this method? will your wife allow it? you say your marraige is in trouble, does she know the pain your in? its very hard for people like us but you have to come to the realization that you willhave to take pain meds given the amount of pain your in. I know you can't even work do to your pain.....

One thing you could try is the Fent patch. I have heard that you don't get that pill head feeling on it and it works well for pain, I think you don't get that buzz your looking for.... you can change it every few days, why don't you try this and have her lock them up and put them in the safe???? Is your wife sick of you running out of your meds early and that is why she has had it? what is her reason? where did you get the sub? did you tell your pain doc about your addiction? if you do did ,you probably will not be offfered the patch..... you are now cut off? what did you tell him??? you need to get off the short acting meds, its to easy to abuse. have you tried the long acting ones as you don't get high off them...I know you have talked about sub before and were on it once before and you had the same issues last time. No pain relief so its obviosly not going to cut it for you so forget the sub. good luck ,pls post back!

Just wanted to comment on Slippery's process where her Hubby doles out the meds. It is a great way to handle it. Even on this taper, I have no intention of using more than my alloted dose, but Hubby doles them out to me on a daily basis also. Just keeps temptation at bay.

Good luck

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