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Last night was hard but I made it, legs were kicking, sweats, fatigue, diarrhea, and runny nose. After waking up at 4am for 1 hour, I took some more nyquil and fell back asleep. Woke up today and I don't feel that bad!!! I still am weak but with the vitamins, flaxiseed,protein shakes, gatorade, and tea I can make this.
I have alot of meds left, but I do not want them!!!!! I am doing this on my own terms and knowing that I didn't run out early is making it easier for me. My wife and son(5months) are gone for 2 more days to inlaws , bc I thought I was going to be alot worse. I am actually going to the gym today, and I am not going to let boredom or negativity set in.
Shawley I read all your posts how you wanted to stop, then you got your hands on more meds...well it pissed me off, and actually motivated me more not to fall back into that. GL with your addiction, bc you can beat it if you want to. Just figure out what you want out of this, then stick to it.

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